Environment Friendly Marine Ornamental Aquaculture


Beneficial to customers and to the environment. 

Traditionally, growing ornamental marine organisms in aquariums is dependent on capturing these organisms in seas and oceans, thereby contributing to the depletion of natural marine fauna and damaging coral reefs.

Captive Bred applies modern developments in marine biology and aquaculture to supply aquarium owners with attractive, healthy marine fish species. The fish are cultivated strictly in the Company's facilities, where the fish are bred, grown and nurtured.

Captive Bred's aquaculture technology fully replaces wild fish capture and thus directly contributes to the preservation of marine natural resources.

Advantages of Captive Bred fish compared to wild-caught fish:

  • Continuous production and supply
  • No impact on the natural environment
  • All products are disease-free and closely monitored
  • More durable fish used to life in captivity
  • Not affected by stress related to capture from the wild, handling and delivery in the supply chain
  • Higher survival rates in shipping and acclimation