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Clownfish General


Clownfish are probably the most popular of all saltwater aquarium fish. They are very beautiful, with striking colors. The color pattern is used for identifying the various species. While clownfish are lively in an aquarium, they are also quite peaceful.

As a group, clownfish are considered hardy and easy to grow, making them naturally suitable for life in an aquarium, where they can thrive for many years.

Since clownfish are relatively easy to breed, they were the first marine fish bred in aquaculture. In recent years, a growing number of facilities have offered clownfish of varying qualities. All clownfish species experienced a boom in demand when the Walt Disney/Pixar animated movie "Finding Nemo" became a success in 2003.

Captive Bred produces thousands of top-quality clownfish of many species. Our R&D department is continuously extending our species list while focusing on market demands.

There are many reasons for preferring an aquacultured fish to a wild-caught one, but one advantage is specific to clownfish. Because they are highly vulnerable to "clown fish disease" (Brookynella sp.), high losses occur when working with fish originating from the wild. Captive Bred guarantees that our fish are disease free.

In nature, clownfish will not survive without their symbiotic anemone host. However, in captivity, the absence of predators means the anemone is not essential for clownfish to prosper. In a reef aquarium, clownfish can host many species of anemone, and they may adopt a surrogate host, such as soft corals.